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I'm enough sure that with A1200 (that is with HDToolBox v3.x and not v2.x) I lose ALL partitions when I delete/change/create partitions in positions not involving other of them.
You don't loose partitions you don't touch.

You might loose all data if you use different partitioning programs. For example you loose all partitions if you use HDInstTool on a HDD which has formerly been partitioned with HDToolbox. But this is because HDInstTool is faulty. Usually you shouldn't loose anything.

Additionally with any partitioning program you only edit the partition table, not the contents of the partitons itself. So even if you loose all partitions, there are programs like RDBRecov or RDB-Salv which can search the entire HDD for existing data and tell you where partitions were, so you can recreate everything. You cannot loose files by using HDToolbox. In the worst case you only hide them.
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