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Before you suggested me, I have already tried to use my 2nd A1200 to see if it could validate the HD Compact Flash but, I don't know the reason, it works with standard 2,5" Hard Drive but doesn't want to operate with ANY compact flash as it did before! Mmmmm????? Well, I'll try to solve this later.

About the A600 I've fixed it following, partially, what you wrote:

- I disabled DH1.
- I booted my personal WB2.1 setup from DH0, obviously DH1 was "hidden".
- I run HDToolBox.
- I read again the Compact Flash, results: a new Hard Drive known and "changed" message appeared.
- I went in the partitions section and I deleted and recreated them with the same lenght and in the same position.
- I went back to the HDToolBox main menu, I saved new settings, then I went to exit.
- I booted from a floppy with auto-mount compact flash driver and without disabling DH1. This time the A600 regularly read the floppy and reported only a "read/write error on dh1". However it let me to access to Workbench. With my great surprise original partition names were there, and DH0 and DH2 had their original contents.
- I did not check the contents in DH1, I immediately run the Format utility in the WB2.1/System drawer to format DH1 with standard option, (not quickly).

Now it's all OK. Obviously DH1 is empty, but now it works regular and I did not have to re-install DH0 and DH2.

Here I thanks you Thomas for all your suggestions.

However I don't know how exactly HDToolBox works. I'm enough sure that with A1200 (that is with HDToolBox v3.x and not v2.x) I lose ALL partitions when I delete/change/create partitions in positions not involving other of them. But I could be wrong.

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