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I could think of different methods. For example if you think that Kick 3.0 could validate the partition, you could put the HDD into your A1200, let it validate and then put it back into your A600.

If removing the HDD is not an option or if it does not work in the A1200, either, then you should follow these steps:

- boot with DH1 deactivated
- use HDToolbox to change DH1's DosType to something the file system does not recognise, for example 454f5301 (instead of the original 444f5301).
- reboot
- use DiskSalv in Salvage mode to copy all files from DH1 to your CF card
- use HDToolbox to change DH1's DosType back to 444f5301 and format it (this will be a challenge, see below)
- copy all files back

Now, formatting DH1 is a challenge because you cannot format it while it is disabled, you cannot format it while the DosType does not match and you cannot format it if it has crashed. Perhaps DiskSalv can repair it. If not, do it like this:

- run HDToolbox, select DH1 and shrink it by one or two cylinders. This way the file system should be unable to recognise it, but is still covers almost the entire space.
- format the new partition. Use normal format, not quick. This will wipe all information which was stored on the partition and could have made the file system crash.
- run HDToolbox again and change the partition back to its original size
- format it again (quick is sufficient this time).
- copy all files from the CF card back

Note that after each change with HDToolbox, a reboot is required.

I hope I gave you some ideas.
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