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2D Shoot Em Up with these specific characteristics?!

2D Shoot Em Up with these specific characteristics?!

I was wondering if there is a 2D Shoot Em Up (Horizontal or Vertical), where you start off with all weapons maxed up and as you progress your primary weapons’ power / ammunition gradually decrease?!
So in this fashion you’re forced to kill off everything fast and complete each level before your primary weapons are completely depleted?!

The closest to this scenario I can think of are 2 Shooters:

Carrier Airwing / U.S. Navy (Arcade/ Mame)
Where your energy bar / fuel tank is gradually decreasing (especially even more if you’re shot)!

Macross 2 (Arcade / Mame).
The levels have a timer pushing you to finish each level and boss fast before it runs out.

I would like to try something different more challenging and more adrenaline oriented than the classic 2D Shmup formula.
It can be on any system, as it’ll do just fine
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