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I agree with Pyromania.

An important point to remember, next time you are in Amiga-advocacy mode, is that the IBM-PC was released in 1981, the Crapintosh in 1984 and the Amiga in 1985. So the Amiga is not old, the other two are old. The IBM-PC is older than the ZX Spectrum!

It really shows, too, when you look at the architectures of the various machines; the Amiga is a clean design, not a kludged-together bodge.

So IBM-PC wankers don't know what they are talking about when they say 'Amigas are old'. Such a line of reasoning makes no sense and is contrary to the facts.

And of course, generally old games are better than new ones anyway. I have only played about 5 new games since the mid-90s that have been any good. Whereas I have hundreds of good games dating before the mid-90s.
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