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using tracktool and diskwiz

having already used adf2disk and tracksaver to write adfs to amiga disks i am finding that some games(entity for one) are not copying correctly(crashing etc),so i want to try tracktool and diskwiz to see if they can make a better job of transferring games to disk,but i can not get em to work !!.tracktool docs say install to c directory on amiga,does it mean the ram disk(tried that and started tracktool,but after usage commands nowt happens after i press return,at this point the file should be shoved onto disk,but nothing happens).i know i must be doing something wrong,so could some gent explain tracktool operation to an idiot like me,as it seems not to run via the same standard procedure as adf2disk etc.
im having th exact same prob with diskwiz.
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