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when you get your a1200. let me know what Kickstart it is, and i will sort out a prepared hard disk / compact flash card with all the best music progs for you to just plug in , depending on size of harddisk / compact flash card I should be able to put aproximately 2GB of 16/8 samples and a fair few mods too

I would also recommend more memory, say 8MB of ram or preferably an 030 accelerator as this will really improve the performance of the A1200 hell i may even put in a few games...

It shouldn't be that expensive to sort out a hard disk / cf card (arround $60) tops and I dont mind preparing it for you

it could be made a little cheaper by using a 3.5inch hard disk drive but this would require some serious moding inside the a1200... i think a plug and play solution would be best

hit me up on the PM and i can help explain a bit more
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