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Pang clones?

best one:
1. Zap't'Balls: The Advanced Edition (Elmsoft, 1993)
Ramses and Columbus are stuck in a Plus game cartridge (which shall remain nameless), and have to battle their way through 80 levels by zapping all the balls on each level, using a long spring which shoots into the air. However, there are platforms and ladders to negotiate, and neither of the two men can jump! This game was talked about long after it was released, because of the fantastic graphics and programming techniques used; apparently the programmer was able to emulate Plus hardware sprites on a normal CPC. However, the fact remains that despite being one of the best-looking CPC games of all time, it is just a Pang clone with not quite as much gameplay.
2. Super Obliteration (Amiga & PC remake)
any more?
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