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Unhappy SystemPatch3 - WHDLoad preload incompatible?

Just found a few secs of free time, between posting more cat pics...

Copied and installed it on my real Amy's HD in WinUAE, restarted, and already felt the difference.
There was an even bigger speed, wbscreen refresh rate and overall improvment when I've reconnected the HD to my real Amy!

But, unfortunately... now the WHDLoad's preload function doesn't work
Tried it with Ultima 6 for the first time and thought... maybe it's a buggy slave? Then tried Prehistorik - the same = not preloaded...

After that, tried it with the older quicklayers.lib and SystemPatch2 and WHDLoad preloaded just right.

My specs are: Amiga 1200 with Blizzard IV 030 50mhz 32MB, KS3.1 blizkicked, OS3.9BB2 on 60gb hd

Thankyou very much for your hard work ziosante, it is a *REALLY* helpfull patch, and I hope you fix that problem!

---=== EDITED ===---
Further investigation revealed that the problem is with the new SystemPatch (3) in the C drawer.
The old SystemPatch (2) and the new quicklayers.library (3) don't cause that problem.

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