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Stupid list, but then again all list of these kind are stupid. This is the work of 1 man and his thoughts, and another man will come up with another list

Lemmings sux, why not tetris it's a more used concept

Guess my list would look something like

01 Pong
02 Amiga 500
03 Game & watch
04 Playstation (I would love to say Dreamcast, but psx made console be something for everyone)
05 Laserdisc
06 BBS/modem
07 Floppy
08 NES
09 electronic watchs with calculator and games on
10 mandelbrot (damn did we spend hours looking at that shit

Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd
btw: The computer mouse is missing
No the list is only about thinks not used anymore, my first thought was CD is missing, but we still use CD so you couldn't call this nostalgic
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