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I'm from the US and I remember being asked what computer was best by non-computer people. I'd answer if you want to do work at home, PC. Something incredibly simple and just, say, word processing, Mac (also, desktop publishing, Mac). Music, maybe the ST. But for the best computer, graphics (and games) Amiga. I think, by the more general public, they saw the Amiga (if they bothered to really look) as just games and, in the US, games were more for consoles.

But, I think the Amiga did have a real place in computing circles and wasn't just a little niche thing. Where I'm from, rather medium to small city but not a small town, we had a few Amiga BBSs, no ST BBSs, none for Mac, and a few PC. (One was a huge, popular BBS that didn't cater to any particular computer and ran on a Coco, another general, and big, BBS was Unix -- this probably an anomaly, as the guy wrote a BBS program for Unix) For those calling BBSs, the Amiga was just as popular, if not more so, and I'm talking more or less straight BBSs, not pirate-only, of which there was, maybe, one (he tried, but was never, ah, "elite" by any standard).

Anyway, while the Amiga was never like it was in Europe, it wasn't just disregarded in the US and only used by a few. Also, folks were going from 8 to 16 bit, most likely. It wasn't like everyone has at least email, like now, and computers are about as common as as any appliance. If you got a computer then, it wasn't for mp3s and email, it was because you were into computing of some sort. (Like, if you polled a bunch of US high school kids, these days, TONS will have a computer, then, very few, or just had an old Apple they never used anymore in general..)
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