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Sorry for my absence guys, i will post late on tonight or tomorrow morning with an update on all this... Ive been getting over an illness that came back just when i thought i had beaten it few days ago.. getting back on track again, but i have been very very sick.

So sorry for the delay, but it is GREAT to suddenly see so much interest !!. I think we will have fun with this one, but we will certainly need to organise the correct time for us all to play. I of course can see which countries you are all from, so i will try and work it all out, so its at a reasonable time for you all !!.

BTW - Whats with those pictures of all those girls all over that 1 guy ???.. Shit that guy is lucky, how did he manage that !?!?!?.. Too me it looks like the pictures were taken with a mobile phone... Seems all a bit surreal or weird to me, as to why there is a classroom shot and then what looks like is going to be the start of a porno . He must have a few more inches than us

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