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Proposal for Amiga Books Archive

I have a suggestion for the Amiga community...we should set up an archive containing electronic versions (preferably AmigaGuide but also ASCII, HTML, PDF, etc.) of Amiga- and/or Commodore-related books and magazines. I'm quite surprised this hasn't been done already.

The justification is as follows: Manuals and other documentation need to be available for users and developers. Although things such as the Amiga Interactive Guide and the Amiga Books FAQ contain lists and/or photos of Amiga books they do not have the *contents* of such books and are thus of no use. Although there seems to be efforts underway to preserve other Amiga resources, eg. demos, advertisements, etc. there does not seem to be any coordinated effort to digitize and archive Amiga reference material, creating what could be called an "Amiga Library".

Given that these books are generally out of print there is no way for Amiga users to obtain these, whether in hard or soft format. Also being in electronic format has certain other advantages, eg. easy searching, potential for AmigaGuide conversion and thus hypertextual browsing, etc.

On my website I currently have 4 Amiga books for download: The Amiga User Interface Style Guide, the AmigaDOS Manual, the Amiga Programmer's Handbook (Exec chapter only), and OS3.9 "Das Buch" (The Book) (English and German versions) - well over 1000 pages worth. So these books can serve as the nucleus of the library. I have typed all of these in by hand for the benefit of the Amiga community, however I lack the time and books to continue to do this.

There are many other books which would be good to add to the library: eg. the Amiga Guru Book, the ARexx Cookbook, etc. in fact everything on the AIG and Amiga Books FAQ lists.

If someone has a scanner and would like to scan any of their books as images, and preferably OCR them too, this would be excellent.

What does the community think of this proposal?
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