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Originally posted by Burseg
I'm not sure about this for I am not into programming but logically, as WinUAE generates a frame, the computer doesn't let it generate another one until it's compression is finished so that seems to be the reason of the slowdown to me.
That all sounds reasonable to me. I am a programmer, and though I'm not familiar with the internals of WinUAE, it seems logical to me that the memory that WinUAE uses to hold each frame can't be re-used for the next frame until that frame has been at least copied into a buffer somewhere to be flushed out to disk. If you were running at 50 - 60 fps, it seems to me that would be an awful lot of memory that would be required in order to hold even 1 seconds worth of data. If you think about how long it should take to copy each frame to a buffer, compress it and flush it out to disk, I don't think it's surprising at all that there would be a slowdown. If you could simply copy all the frames to a buffer and do the compression and writing to disk later you might be able to speed it up a bit, but you'd need TONS of memory in a hurry.

Of course I could be completely off base here - maybe there's a little leprechaun inside WinUAE that does all this stuff magically, and he's just dawdling to piss people off.
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