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Your hard drive is capable of such a task Ian. But if you are getting 19 frames uncompressed then a faster harddrive can help. A friend of mine who is into video stuff keeps saying the increased speed of IDE drives is not enough to get as much performance as SCSI ones because of different architecture.

The data is first captured as a single frame and then encoded and compressed with given options by the cpu only then it is written to your hard drive, after that the following frame is processed the same way.

With compression, the resulting file will be quite smaller than an uncompressed one therefore less data is needed to be written to the hard drive. Let's say I am capturing a five second long avi clip with divx compression, it will fit into a tiny file.A few hundred kilobytes will be written to your hard drive so in your theory this can take only a second and there mustn't be any delay. However in reality, it will still take longer than five seconds to capture the video because your computer needs time for the cpu to process the compression task, hard drive speed is secondary to that.

I'm not sure about this for I am not into programming but logically, as WinUAE generates a frame, the computer doesn't let it generate another one until it's compression is finished so that seems to be the reason of the slowdown to me.
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