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Gee...gee..great thread:laugh
You know, i have posted this theme on a similar thread at Home of the Underdogs forum a while back...anyway, i'd like to add my 2 cents if I may
The state of PC gaming is woeful. The VAST majority of games out are either sickening FPS, like Unreal or the miserable ilk, or Command and Conquer clones...all the genres I like are dying..the adventures, turn based strategy, good RPGs, they are giving way to pseudo versions of these that are eye candy, mind numbing, easy on the brain crap. There are still good flight sims, thank goodness, but less every year.
It seems that the lowest common denominator is taking hold in the PC gaming industry, as it did long ago in the console market. The age of people gaming on PC's is a factor, as well as greedy corporate types, who know zilch about gaming.
Back in the days, it took real coders, make a game, so they appreciated the nuances of making a game..thinking games. The Amiga , c-64, Atari etc era was a true golden age.

Nowadays, we are inundated by shallow graphics, weak plot and really bad choices. this is a reason why i love retrogaming.
As for the less mind-challenging games of old, i loved them too, for a change of pace. The old Sega and Nes era was awesome as well!! At least the games had personality and heart....sigh...
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