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Originally Posted by P-J View Post

Shit software exists for all platforms, not just Windows.

Get yourself a NAT router with some packet inspection, AVG free anti-virus and turn on the XP firewall if you're really paranoid. Oh, and have a coke and a smile
Who's talking about shit software? Certainly not me ?? I actually really liked PC-Cillin, and my post had zero to do with it being shit. You seem to love adding extra elements to things that don't even exist, but oh well, that's just PJ

Yeah i have already tried all that software you are talking about.. blah blah blah.... And no i am not being paranoid!. I don't know how you get away with such minimal worries with XP, but in my part of the world ( and you may want consider things are different for people in different places ), if i don't use a firewall and a ton of other shit to keep my system protected, then it gets overrun with shit REAL QUICK !. and no i don't visit porn sites, or compromise myself in that way.

Its great that you never have drama's, but you are not me or the billions of other people on the planet. But i do understand your point

BTW - One free Virus Checker i found much better than AVG is Avast.
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