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By the way, I have my Kickstart file dumped... if I want to check if the one floating around is the same one that is inside my beloved computer... how do I do it? Checksums should be the same? Or what?

I didn't tag it, of course. Unadultered is the way it must be It's a 2.05 ROM, came in my A600HD. I am not sure if I gave this image to anyone (except a mate of mine who is such a greedy person that I know he didnt give it to anyone

[edit] Just checked my ROM image... It's a 37.300 (it says '2.0 Roms (37.300)', I'm sure it's 2.05, perhaps all 2.05 say 2.0 Roms )... Do yuo think they might need it? And I tried to download a 2.05 ROM to compare it to mine... however it seems they don't host files for download.

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