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@Ian: You couldn't be more wrong, 2 minutes worth of DivX video would equal to what, say 10MB, now surely todays hard drives could read/write a mere 10MB in less than a second (mine can and it's only 5200rpm), compared to the time it would take to actually encode the 2 minutes worth of DivX, well you're talking a long time.

However if you are recording full uncompressed frames that is different, only then is it limited by the speed of the hard drive. I think what that DivX util is measuring is the overall encoding performance you can expect from your system, although I haven't tried it, my system can encode DivX at about the same speed 10 - 20 FPS and the output is being written directly to my RAM drive where the read/write speed is not an issue.

Encoding video is extremely CPU intensive, and WinUAE is already providing a lot of over head, the emulation itself at times can account for up to 100% of the CPU work load, leaving very little for other processing.

The encoding process involves iterating through each and every pixel for every single frame over and over performing color conversion, compression and numerous other computations.
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