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Originally Posted by blade002 View Post
I tend to agree and disagree. I got full on into PC gaming in 2000, and was loving the experience, with Games like Freespace 2, Deus Ex, Rune, Dark Reign 2, Hitman.. and a ton of other games, but then after something like 3 years, i noticed i was getting really really bored with the games coming out, because why?.. ummm .. well it was the same old shit, over and over again....
I think this could be an explanation for the "PC gaming dilemma".

I fully started with PC gaming in 2002. (I needed the FireWire connection and video editing software.)

Of course all these shiny, modern games smiled at me.
I tried so many games with super duper 3D gfx and they were playable at all.

I donīt know why, but I really missed the longevity.
At first I thought itīs because of the quantity available but back then there were many, many Amiga titles to put your hands on, too.

Then, a year later I was bored with this blocky 3D games.
Well yes, 3D games on the Amiga are blocky as hell by comparision.

But you can almost feel the AGA chipset working while thinking:
"Oh my god. How did they manage to squeeze out that kind of thing of our beloved machine again?!"

Iīm using this old 1,8ghz/512MB PC right now. I didnīt upgrade anything...because itīs still great for emulation!

I have to admit that all these brand new PC and console games look very realistic. I still love 2D, though.
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