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Originally Posted by Angus View Post
In theory could you get a SharkPPC PCI card for an 060 based Amiga with Mediator and run OS4.0 and PPC Amiga software like Wipeout 2097 while retaining a conventional Amiga boot option?
Maybe, it probably depends on the firmware / compatibility of the Mediator/Prometheus/G-REX to support multi-master PCI systems.

Also it would be more like an AmigaOne with bolted-on Amiga rather than the current PowerUp solution.

You would almost certainly need a PCI gfx card as accessing the Amiga chipset via PCI will probably not work well (if at all).

Originally Posted by Brass View Post
attempt to get it running on my mediator by figuring out what the mac software does and then attempting the same thing.
Sorry to piss on your parade, but unless you are a good Amiga coder who knows the ins and outs of AmigaOS 3.x and AmigaOS4.0 you don't have a chance. If Hyperion chose not to develop down this route, you can trust that it was for a good reason.

Originally Posted by Brass View Post
Just thought you would all be interested in the firmware stuff.
Yeah, I did speculate there was no firmware, good to know for sure.

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