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Originally Posted by P-J View Post
I don't have any of these issues with XP at all, so I use it for everything. Except servers.
Yeah the issues can be sorted, but what i really meant was that you have to fuck about with so many other pieces of software before its secure, hence it being an annoyance.

I will be getting hold of some proper software for it though soon because i "was" running PC-Cillin in 2006 that i bought from the shop, and it worked real nice and was kind of an all in one solution, but then i lent the CD to a fuckwitt ex-friend of mine because it allowed 2 other users to register themselves, and he lost the CD ( and no, he is not an ex friend because he lost the CD ), which was a problem for me, because i needed to re-install Windows due to the fact the Grub on Linux altered the boot sequence so much i couldn't boot Windows anymore. And with no CD, i was not going to fork out another $100 for the software.
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