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I use Linux and XP myself, and although Linux is Wonderful, its still a pain the arse to use at the best of times ( took 7 re-installs of Suse 10.2 to get it right, although i've heard 10.3 is a lot better ), but its improving.

And as much as i do sometimes call Windows Shitty ( sorry PJ ), it does have its good points, but i really would love to have a OSX setup as well!. In the near future hopefully that will happen ( damn, i want to get a lot of computer gear lately that i don't have the cash for .. lol ).

What i like about Linux right now though, is that i don't need firewalls, spyware checkers, dont need to worry about viruses..etc. just like with OSX so i have heard. I just really use XP for sound purposes, because the drivers that run my Sound Blaster 24bit in Linux are absolute SHIT !!.. my brother struggled with getting good sound in Linux as well, not to mention smooth video frame rates whilst watching a DVD in Linux, which are "not" that smooth!.

So yes XP does have some solid points ( Screw Vista ), but overall in the grand scheme of things, for security, lack of annoyance & no hassle... a mixture of both Linux & Mac is the way to go. For games, its XP

Its healthy to have all options at your finger tips.
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