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Originally Posted by P-J View Post
I disagree that they're the same old shit again and again. I think you're just forming an opinion based on the shit that breaks through to you via advertising and backhanders (see the Gamespot 'Kane & Lynch' controversy). I think that like music, there are plenty of original and fresh games it's just that they aren't the ones that are advertised.

Back when games weren't advertised in mainstream media so much, people tended to make their own more informed decisions.

Plus I still stand by my original opinion which is that yesterdays (Amiga) gamers are just getting old now...
PJ, I don't think you can assume it's based on advertising. Some of it is, but it's so watching friends play, seeing boxes, being exposed to the shit.
The same goes for movies now. I can't watch the garbage that is produced out of Hollywood anymore. Some rare examples shine for me, the rest is filth.
I like old movie, old games, and old broads.
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