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Originally Posted by P-J View Post
I disagree that they're the same old shit again and again. I think you're just forming an opinion based on the shit that breaks through to you via advertising and backhanders (see the Gamespot 'Kane & Lynch' controversy). I think that like music, there are plenty of original and fresh games it's just that they aren't the ones that are advertised.
Ok, i would like to see what games these are?. You seem to be the man in the know, so seriously i "would" like to know Although its most likely going to mean an update of my Video Card again.

Originally Posted by P-J View Post
Back when games weren't advertised in mainstream media so much, people tended to make their own more informed decisions.

Plus I still stand by my original opinion which is that yesterdays (Amiga) gamers are just getting old now...
I tend to agree and disagree. I got full on into PC gaming in 2000, and was loving the experience, with Games like Freespace 2, Deus Ex, Rune, Dark Reign 2, Hitman.. and a ton of other games, but then after something like 3 years, i noticed i was getting really really bored with the games coming out, because why?.. ummm .. well it was the same old shit, over and over again....

Its not like i stopped with PC games a long long time ago... I did find the occasional gem, such as Trackmania which gave the Arcade fun back into racing, and then there was Shot Online, the free online golfing game.. but honestly, there has not been much that really makes you say... I WOULD LOVE TO PLAY THAT!!..

I do check out "plenty" of new games on YouTube though.. and whenever i see the FPS games in action, i will sometimes post a comment in regards to the same old gameplay and you know what. I "rarely" get a response from anyone that goes against what i am saying.. MOST agree that its the same thing with prettier graphics over and over again, and the only way i have seem them try add any depth of gameplay to a game these days, is just by using stronger in game Physics, which of course will require a new video card powerful enough to handle DX10..etc..

Compare something like Deus Ex with its depth of story and character development, its plethora of options, non linear pathways.. etc.. to something like Crysis and its billion variants..

And even when i have now tried to make an attempt to get back into some PC gaming with Trackmania again, its still not good enough, because i need to like Windows as well hey ? Make the effort to have some more modern fun and what happens. !??..

Sure we are getting older, but one of the main reasons why i am not getting back full on into PC gaming, is not really because i don't want too!... its because i will need to buy a whole new rig to get any kind of real frame rate or detail from the latest games, even at the lowest settings and not to mention pipelines, pixel shaders and whether your card supports particular versions of them. I cannot afford a PS3 or an Xbox 360, because i just don't have that kind of cash floating about. So i will have the occasional retro game and perhaps a game of Trackmania that will still support my PC because it doesn't require the NASA control room to run it.

Anyway, thats just my take on it
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