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Originally Posted by P-J View Post
On the contrary, I didn't even notice your joke. I just noticed you said you dislike 'most' PC games. 'Most' suggests to me something in the order of about three quarters.

If you've played three quarters of all PC games, then I'm Luke Skywalker.

People's opinions aren't always ignorant, but when they say they dislike something to the order of magnitude that you have, it's difficult to see it as anything other than closed-minded ignorance.

People often argue out of respect too. If you'd said 'omgz modarn gamz are t3h suxx0r' I probably wouldn't have given your opinion a second look and just moved on.
I agree with him to an extent, PJ.
It seems that PC games now, and Mac versions of said games, as well as current generation console games, are the same old shit again and again.
If I never see one box or screen shot of some gun pointing at some ridiculously formed alien or beast, I'll eat a Cadillac.
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