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heres a question: why would this thing require a certain mac confirguration/model to run in the 1st place. surely a file should run on all macs?
Mac hardware has changed over time even within the same model, so 'run on all macs' is pretty much not going to happen.

No idea if what was made public is a hoax, or is complete, or not..I think Severin said it wasn't, but basically what's needed for a new platform is a boot loader than understands the target hardware and firmware/BIOS, and drivers and initialization code for the motherboard devices. This is different between for example, a PowerBook and a PPC or Intel Mac Mini.

So, at least in theory, a version of OS4 could likely be made to boot elsewhere, assuming someone understood the HAL.

ACube's confirmed in court docs, IIRC, that 'Moana' does indeed exist, and was a port to PPC Mac Mini. Were the product finished, I'd expect it to run on all generations/versions of the PPC Mini, but AFAIK, it was put on hold after lack of interest/license forthcoming from AInc., in which case, it's very unlikely there will be any 'full package' coming from ACube in the future, either (unless some miracle happens and the court case is over, Hyperion somehow gets all rights etc etc..), so Moana is essentially, unfortunately, a dead project.

But still, one that does hold interest to a fair number of people, who simply want to run OS4.
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