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heres a question: why would this thing require a certain mac confirguration/model to run in the 1st place. surely a file should run on all macs?

my take on this: its a haox. 1) look at the way this guy has been stringing everyone along. no visual evidence/screenshots. half assed answers to question on how to set this up and get it running. no detailed readme or guide to run this thing with either. 2) strange behavior/style. one minute this guy seems to (excuse if i affend) put on a type of european language where he struggles to type english and the next post he is using english slang (as if he knows it like the back of his hand) for example his response to the ip thing. 3) lack of communication and enthusiasm on the whole project, but being too dramatic on the issues of less concern (wtf was that email threat about? who would care if the account is roughly anon. anyway)
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