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Hmm I am a passionate Amiga user....

But perhaps, not a REAL Amiga user. In that I am not a purist , back in '87 I added extra RAM and an external floppy to my KS1.3 A500! Sacrilege! How dare I leave behind 256k KS1 A1000 users!!
Then in '89 I got a harddrive... Damn that really cut the ties with "traditional" floppy Amiga Users!

Now, I still have my A500, A1200D and A1200T BPPC. I have an interest in classic Amiga games AND the underdeveloped/utilised PPC Amiga.

I am surprised that some people on EAB feel the need to berate new and old members for having an interest that they dont share.

We are a small hobby based community, we should enjoy that and not be so defensive and territorial. I personally think the MINIMAC ISO to be a hoax. However despite that this thread has attracted new blood to EAB. If that new blood wants to discuss OS4/PPC/MAC let them! If you dont like it, ignore the threads! As has been said there are plenty projects on EAB away from PPC stuff.
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