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Originally Posted by motorollin View Post
Why is it childish to want to run OS4 on a Mac? And Retro Nerd why in the next breath do you encourage another poster to scavenge for a PPC card? What's the difference? Oh about 700MHz :roll: Maybe you would prefer for OS4 only to run on old, unreliable, rare and extremely expensive hardware? *That* sounds pretty childish to me.

Furthermore, the argument that there is no point running OS4 because there is no software is ridiculous. How do you expect people to develop software with no way to run the OS? Maybe if it were possible to run this OS on some cheap and accessible hardware there would be more development. But that won't happen as long as the only hardware which supports it is old, impossible to find and prohibiively expensive. Then you will get your wish - no future for Amiga.

I for one am still sceptical about this. I won't believe it until I see it running.
If it had no interest we wouldn't be seeing this poor spectacle, not from people who are actively discussing it (with some experimentation) but from guys so full of themselves that they use no rational arguments, and flame everyone that have an opposing opinion . The internet is filled with this, I wonder if all these people were discussing this on a round table, making eye contact with each other would be capable of saying the same things. Everybody has a gigantic pair of brass balls when posting on the internet as long as guarded by it's anonymity . But thats my 2 eurocents.

Anyway I can only hope it works, it could open a couple of doors, I'm not expecting my two A1200 (and their respective addons) to last more than a couple of years, and they already serve their purpose: pure retrogaming.

Thats all I had to say so Merry Xmas everyone (nice and not nice)
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