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Hello to all the fellow amiga Manics on this board. Well to tell you
truth I got into this thread after reading a similar topic on the
Greek community (all hail brothers from there that may
reaidng this). I guess that there is a little noisse arround this
thread taking as a fact that the news have been spread quickly (faster
than the speed of light??) in other Amiga Forums all arround
(including Greek and Italian ones).

Well ok still no screenshots of the whole project running.. so I guess
we got to stick in an old Amiga rule that says "there is not such a
thing unless it is on your hard disk" and in the case of this loader
we got to expand this rule adding the line "and it is running". Got
the point? I guess so

The fact itself is very interesting. Yeap... OS4 running EVEN in a
MacMini which is a PPC mahcine isn't it? Perhaps this could be the
door that would drive to a possible situaiton of OS4 running on
Pegasos mahcines as well (PPC also). I may be a dreamer.. who knows...

The fact is that nothing is impossible... I have seen so many
platforms to be emulated in so many different types of machine and the
same is happening with you I suppose. Maybe this stuff with the OS4
running on a MacMini would mean nothing in 3 or 4 years but now that
the OS4 thing is still hot this thread is pointed as THE thread...

I would spend some valuable time rolling arround your nice forum and
keep searching for a PPC card to build that PPC Amiga system that
would make me available to buy a real copy of OS4 and run it.... You
see I have not a MacMini Wink! Wink!

Keep on the AMIGA way!

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