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Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey View Post
Which is why I moved the thread to Retrogaming General Discussion (I hope that's okay, by the way)

However I think it's a great idea and I would be interested for sure, sounds like great fun
No mate, move it wherever you like, its cool I wouldn't have actually posted this if the EAB game compo was still going, but it doesn't start again till next year.. and also i must say that my comments on Lotus 3 were quite harsh. On easy mode, its a pain of a game, i but really loved it on Hard with the road constantly winding, and a lot more challenging

Wish we could have had a game chosen straight after Lotus 3, and although i know Lemon are still running their comp, its still more a personal thing right now with you guys on here.. kind of like a closeness, whereas i know not that many on Lemon.

Ok, so you are in for Trackmania yes !!?!?.... great to hear ..

Who else
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