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Total Chaos AGA is fun!
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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
There is nothing "evolutionary" in TC.
Really? Nothing? Nothing? Are you quite sure of that? You can't think of even just one small tiny thing?

I can think of several notable things.

Looks like an enhanced Archon clone instead of a traditional fantasy strategy game.

I actually sat here in my recliner, LOLing at that statement for 15 consecutive minutes. That is just so funny on so many different levels.

but it lacks decent controls/menues.
Which control does it lack?
Which menu does it lack?

You have suddenly reminded me one of the reasons I love Total Chaos so much: the controls are so simple and easy. Most wargames have complicated menus to navigate and controls to learn and are therefore unsuitable for parties. Total Chaos is the only wargame I have ever found that nongamers (girls) who come to my house can start playing with only a couple minutes of explanation.

I'll stick to Death or Glory
Nobody ever asked you to stop playing that game, my friend.
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