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Ok I'm gonna intervene here with my thoughts!

Horace you simply didn't use the right language/use of smilies and his post was mis-interpreted by retro-nerd who was simply stating that 95% of pc games are not FPS!

Horace then took it as Retro having a pop at him and responded in an appropriate manner. This caused both Horace and retro-nerd to spit some dummies etc etc

PJ I understand where you are coming from, but after chatting to horace on IRC I gather he hates most of the PC games he has actually played/tried

I understand his post didn't reflect this, but it is a forum and not everyone can express their thoughts and feelings in a way everyone else can understand them!

It's a bit like when somone creates something and this person thinks it is the best thing since sliced bread, but anyone who see's it disagrees. The authoer/creator then takes offence!

This is the end of this 3way argument and I don't want to see another post on the subject.. Any issues PM me or the member privately!
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