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Hello, this is my first post here on EAB forum site. I registered just to write these infos to you all, I hope you will apprecciate it.

Also in Italy we discovered this thread too and we are all curious about it...

On IkirSector site italy it was opened a thread from one of our Amiga friends who read comment nr. 44 from HammerD on this page believing this wannabe loader.iso is from Acube Moana.

Link to italian discussion:

link to comment nr. 44 by HammerD on this site:

I've looked at the contents of the mac-specific files and it appears to be from the Moana project, which was a port of OS4 to the Mac Mini by ACube Systems.
I just talk to a representative from ACube who said there is no project advancing except those related with Classic Amigas, due to current legal issues.

When I read him some of the names of the files, he assured me that this is no MOANA...

Also he wonders if this wannabe loader.iso could be a christmas joke to raise again the interest of the community to new hardware, outside new Amigas or Classic Amigas, but sure it definitely not comes from ACube.

Also, from his personal point of view, advices you not to download and run that software, because it could cointain malicious code from some evil coders, and it could harm to your Macintosh Machines...

ACube takes no responsibility because these files are not coming from their side, and they know nothing about it. It could be a serious danger for your Macintosh machines.

No kidding!

I asked also on an a well known italian Mac forum, if there are any MacOS X Software gurus, and experts in Macintosh security who could analyze this wannabe loader.iso and tell me if it causes any damage to macintoshes, or could cause any harm to your current Macintosh installations.

I will report you any response, stay tuned.

So wait for the response...

And maybe, in the meanwhile, why don't you do something better?

Ask yourself any software guru from Macintosh, if you known one, if he could analyze this software...

Also the name of the guy who posted this thread here, it remembers me of this site:

Thank you for your kind attention...

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