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Originally Posted by Hungry Horace View Post
so lets re-phrase to:

"I dont like most PC games... that i've played.... which is still a fair old number."

if you want to call me closed-minded, that's fine, but it's far from the truth, and i think you should think twice before brandishing such sweeping judgements of others, based on a few posts in a retro-forum.
Now you've re-phrased it there is no ambiguity. Now I understand.

If you won't write exactly what you mean how do you expect us to know? We should just guess?

You told Retro-Nerd to learn to understand a joke. Well, your sense of humour is obviously not very understandable. Having read back through the thread I can't see it either.

I dont particualrlylike FPSs, so that makes 95% of PC and Xbox games completely void to me for example.
Is that your 'joke'? My, oh my.

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