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@ Anubis:

the likes of Settlers 2 and Civ 2, i can certainly see and understand the appeal with, but i dont see them as being particualrly unique games, just follow ons from what has gone before, so they dont hold much sway in convincing me.

The continuation from there only lead to the watering-down of the Strategy genre for me.... It got way too "into itself" and in spite of my enjoyment of some of the earlier strategy games, managed to fling itself away from the aspects of it i enjoyed. However, it obviously suited a great number of other people.

Duke 3D i enjoyed on a school LAN connection many years back, (as i am vocal about, i do love my multiplayer games) but recentl plays show it has no genuine lasting interest for me, just like every other FPS (which you have to admit there are a LOT of on the PC, even if a joke cant be made at the expense of that)

@ PJ, if i have to go back and re-word everything perfectly for non mis-nterpretation every time, in order to avoid flippant responses, then i dont think i will bother posting.

I'm writing a forum post, not scientific documentation here.

of course im not claiming to have played "most" PC games.

so lets re-phrase to:

"I dont like most PC games... that i've played.... which is still a fair old number."

if you want to call me closed-minded, that's fine, but it's far from the truth, and i think you should think twice before brandishing such sweeping judgements of others, based on a few posts in a retro-forum.

anyway, it's only opinion, feel free to ignore it. I didnt ask for it to be triple analyised, and taken with quite such serious intent, as if it actually matters.

i just though i'd share a viewpoint regarding nostalgia, and how there are games from all eras and systems (even ones >i< dont like) which will remain appriciated for many years, well beyond the lifespan of those who played them when the games wer new and the gamers were young.

I thought that was quite an open thing to say, which might stop some of the scathing judgements being made, but look where it got me??

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