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i was really the kind of guy thinking about the amiga as the ultimate and last fun gaming machine aver produced...when philosophing, thinking that this may only be nostalgia stuff...blablabla.....until i put my hands on the wii!!

it really has something new and fun with the spirit it has been conceived..wii sports was just an apetizer...for the hard platform gamers..try super mario galaxy a lot of fun to deal with...wii fit : a pure's been a lot of time since i did not feel that way..a real innovation in gameplay and fun...i know that hard ps,xbox gamers think this is pure shit, but really it is all about fun with friends and family as in amiga golden age!!! i'm not throwing my amiga away i still have a lot of fun with it but it's just refreshing to feel the same in an original way (not a nostalgic one)...PUT YOUR HANDS ON THIS!
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