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Originally Posted by Hungry Horace View Post
edit: remind me to never make a joke at the expense of PC games on this board again.... some of you take it WAY to seriously and like a personal attack... which it so isnt. It's not as if i've ever called any of YOU ignorant for not sharing my opinion , but yet some of you are quick to call others such.
On the contrary, I didn't even notice your joke. I just noticed you said you dislike 'most' PC games. 'Most' suggests to me something in the order of about three quarters.

If you've played three quarters of all PC games, then I'm Luke Skywalker.

People's opinions aren't always ignorant, but when they say they dislike something to the order of magnitude that you have, it's difficult to see it as anything other than closed-minded ignorance.

People often argue out of respect too. If you'd said 'omgz modarn gamz are t3h suxx0r' I probably wouldn't have given your opinion a second look and just moved on.
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