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Originally Posted by P-J View Post
Keep believing it if you want, but those of us with open-minds will continue to enjoy old stuff and contemporary stuff.
this is what baffles me... are you not reading?

i DO play new games, i do like SOME contempory stuff, as i pointed out however, i dont find as MANY good new games as i do old ones (even old ones i am still discovering now)

An emulator would suffice.
and for every other system other than Amiga it does, so what's your point?

To say you don't like most PC games DOES make you ignorant and closed minded, regardless of why.
so, i can play a game, form an opinion, and that makes me ignorant?


Originally Posted by Anubis
I would really like to know why would you bash games that most likely you didn't even try.
i have tried a great many of them (as already stated) and i didnt bash particular games here... just pointed out that in my expeierice those PC games i was shown which were meant to be "great" were pretty boring, or they were just the same as their console counterparts (only console versions had a decent controller)

The Sims. There you go, i suppose that was alright for a bit. Happy now?

edit: remind me to never make a joke at the expense of PC games on this board again.... some of you take it WAY to seriously and like a personal attack... which it so isnt. It's not as if i've ever called any of YOU ignorant for not sharing my opinion , but yet some of you are quick to call others such.
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