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Originally Posted by SensibleFan View Post
If I am right or not, who cares?
some people seem to care a great deal if it doesnt agree with their own opinion.

quite honestly, i dont understand why. its not as if it really matters.

@ R-N - once again you are confusing me posting my opinion or JOKES as me posting what i believe to be fact (i didnt post any rigid 'facts' for you to find fault with) Sadly, this seems to cause most of the disagreements we have.

My entire original post was about showing how nostaliga isnt the key element to -everyones- retrogaming experience, by citing my own (including my tastes) as an example. unfortunatly you read that as "this is what i think, eveyone else is wrong" - which is far more your mantra than mine.

and who says i've never played those PC games? all my friends had PCs for those years, and they would always show me the latest "marvels" - which werent to MY taste.

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