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why do so many people think retro-gaming is all about nostalgia?

whilst many of the games i played at the time i still cherish, such an idea completely ignores the fact that i never owned a C64, Amstrad CPC, Sega Mega drive, and i never had an Arcade nearby.

Yet all of these feature games i am very fond of now, and had not known about since some time in the past 3 years. Also being ignored is the fact there are many Amiga and Spectrum games i have not discovered until recently, which i am also very fond of.

yes, there -are- some PS1/PS2 games that i still put in high regard, but mostly they dont have the lastability of the old games. Often by being larger, you plow through and "max out " the game, making you disinterested in it once its completed. For example, i very much enjoyed starting to play Tomb Raider again on the PSP (with PS1 emulation) - but soon found myself distracted by other games .... it simple doesnt have enough "pick up and play" appeal, than some many of the older, smaller, simpler games do... although its still a classic. What matters is the gameplay and the ideas behind it.

The same can easily be said of the likes of the Resident Evil or Silent Hill series - i think i will still put them down as great games in 20 years time, i'm just not sure if i will actually play them again between now and then.

Originally Posted by Anubis
Is it that hard to admit that there are some good PC games as well last two generation of console games??
yes, i can imagine it is difficult for some, especially if you have -never- been particularly excited by those games, whether you tried them then or now. I personally find the classics of those eras -much- thinner in numbers than the earlier eras. I dont particualrlylike FPSs, so that makes 95% of PC and Xbox games completely void to me for example.

I find Dizzy's post comparing retrogaming to an enjoyment of old movies the most accurate. There cant be nostalgia in watching a film that was made 30 years before my birth, and the same can be true of retro-gaming.... it's simply about appriciation and enjoyment.
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