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What happened to "don't pirate stuff that's still being sold"? That used to be the EAB policy back in the good old days. Apparently, pirating commercial stuff that's still actively developed is considered acceptable now...

I know what's up next. A bunch of guys without the slightest clue about the current situation are now going to tell me that "AInc and Hyperion suck anyway", and that that "they won't let us run it on a Mac, even if we'd pay for it". Yeah, sure - so the policy is now "don't pirate stuff that's still being sold and made by guys we don't regard as assholes and distributed in a way that we appreciate"? Nice.

Severin, who actually has a clue what he's talking about (unlike some other guys here who look at a listing of kickstart modules and come to the conclusion that "it's probably safe to distribute"), told you that this is for real. At that point (public) discussion of this topic should stopped.

Better yet, how about selling it to us as a legit upgrade to the OS4 CD we can't use!?
Now, that's a novel idea - or maybe not. What do you think was the reason to pay a developer to create the port you guys are trying to pirate?
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