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Question Prism2.lha

I couldn't see anything on that link.

But I think you might have meant this.

prism2.lha1.6driver/net1152210K2006-06-23 Driver for 11Mbps wireless network cards - (readme)
I've read through the Doc (Best I could using a PC).

It lists a lot of the Orinoco PCMCIA cards, including one that I have (Orinoco Classic Gold).

But I'm pretty sure mines not Prism2 chipset. I think they changed over to Hermies from memory in the current manufactured batch.

Oh well, I'll keep searching EBay.

If anyone can advise a good cheap card thats suitable I'm all ears.

Doesn't have to be high powered or anything.

I also note that there are Prism 2.5 and Prism 3 standards. I have no idea weather these work also or not.

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