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Bloodwych - with a side-mention of Hired Guns, since the latter was inspired by the former. No one else had taken 2 player to the RPG realm before!

SWOS - because it lives on for many people to this day. i suspect due to the fact its the best game ever. (though not -quite- my personal fave)

Kick-Off - for leading to the far superior SWOS.

Lemmings, with side mention of sequels (including the fact L2 is great, but All New Worlds is gash) - because its an iconic, and probably -the- definative Amiga game.

Worms - iconic again, continues to be popular.

Mega Lo Mania - The working man's C&C , with so much sound!

Speedball 2 - new versions of this never cease! not bad for a game that copies Rollerball.

Alien Breed (+ sequels) - Team17 make good by ripping off popular Aliens film.

Alien Breed 3D - seemed so important at the time.

Cannon Fodder - just brilliant, and do you remember the controversy?

Frontier Elite 2 - lets not pretend it was intended for any other system!!

Turrican 2 - even though i dont like the game much, the music is still widely acclaimed!

It Came From the Desert - it's a B-movie!! that you can play!!!

Cruise for a Corpse - it was unique at the time, maybe not a classic, but a good one to talk about i think.

DarkSeed - it's nasty! and dark!

onEscapee - was this meant to be the pinacle of 2d gaming? it looks lovely and plays nicely. so why doesnt it seem as good as Flashback?

Another World / Flashback - they just stand out as great.

Pinball Dreams -> Illusions - The pinball sims that every one afterwards wanted to be.

Quake - becuase they said it would never happen.

Captive - to keep the freaks happy.

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