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So, here goes... if this doesn't work, nothing will:

For starters, stop the booting sequence and enter the OF prompt by pressing Ctrl-Alt-O-F *right* after the USB keyboard gets detected.

Now, type exactly that:
boot cd:\\slb

Make sure you use the 'MM_Full_silent_USB' configuration, number 5 probably.

You can update those old kickmodules, but *DON'T DO ANYTHING* to the following files (including kernel files):

If you want to do an iso from those files, you can easly use mkisoft by typing:
mkisofs -v -o <filename to be the output> -R -D -iso-level 3 -h -part -mac-name
-hfs-bless <basedir>/l <basedir>

What's more, you can partition the HDD with workbench on the mini, but it needs booting from the CD anyways.

PS: Got from an anonymous good soul...
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