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Originally Posted by DrF View Post
I have nothing to say, but everyone else will, so I thought I would post anyhow
I thought it was suggested to do something like this, but it required too much low level mucking about?
Two options:
-AmigaMac is a most kind & generous programing god! In which case the lack of instruction is understandable - such people often forget it's not that simple for 'mere-mortals'.
-It's a hoax! Present people with a plausible way to gain something they really want & watch the suckers froth @ the mouth when they can't get it to work. The seeming lack of useful info on how to get it to work is a symptom of a lack of substance.

I know which I would like it to be (read my first post) but suspect that it's not the case...
...having said that the author of MiniMig was initially believed to be full of something smelly.

(hey, this is getting my post count up if nothing else)
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