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Originally Posted by vk4akp View Post
OK, So the big question is I guess. Which make and model PCMCIA Wlan cards do I look for on EBay so I can get my A600HD on my network here?

Not the most direct of answers, but hopefully helpful all the same:

PCMCIA drivers & tools
3com & prism chipsets as mentioned before seem to be best supported...
At least one of the driver packages contains a list of known-supported cards by make/model, so 'just' a case of looking for those & seeing what pops up.

That's what I did: Watch out, some of these cards seem quite popular (expensive) for nefarious uses so have a few options to hand.

TBH: I went back to my wired card as the driver supports security standards other than the one I've used on my network - I couldn't be bothered to change the rest of my network to suit.
I've now got a non-PCMCIA solution as I don't like 'thingies' poking 3feet from the side of my A1200.
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