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Commodore Amiga - TOSEC DAT Collection (20070314_CM)

Hello guys,

Finally managed to get the complete set of files for "Commodore Amiga" from the "TOSEC DAT Collection (20070314_CM)" (minus CD, CD32 and CDTV though)...

See attached for listings of what's in each .DAT and if anybody needs anything specific post in this thread or PM me

For obvious reasons, these DATs are not listed and no requests will be accomodated:

... Commodore Amiga - Coverdisks - SPS (TOSEC-v2006-08-03_CM).dat
... Commodore Amiga - Educational - SPS (TOSEC-v2006-08-03_CM).dat
... Commodore Amiga - Games - SPS (TOSEC-v2007-03-09_CM).dat
... Commodore Amiga - Kickstart-Disks (TOSEC-v2004-11-17_CM).dat
... Commodore Amiga - Operating Systems - AMIX (TOSEC-v2004-11-17_CM).dat
... Commodore Amiga - Operating Systems - Workbench (TOSEC-v2006-04-09_CM).dat
... Commodore Amiga - ROMs (TOSEC-v2006-06-25_CM).dat
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