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OK, now for my own personal favourites which may not be universal, some uncommon, but some may make the top 130:

Dragons Breath (very original game, combo of strategy and arcade action tho limited, unbelievable spell making system)
Knights (PD, 2 players can't see each other makes more interesting, very configurable, unlimited fun)
Colonial Conquest II (PD, like civilisation, but more limited and in space)
Inertia Drive (heart stopping suspense and music - smash!)
Eye Of the Beholder (better version of Dungeon Master, more polished)
Kick Off (better than kick off 2 for 2 players as goalies can stuff up, altho kick off 2 more universally liked I believe for more options)
Pirates! (different to other games, more original)
Virus (innovative and fun control of ship using mouse)
Marble Madness (great early arcade conversion)
Midnight Resistance (great 2 player co-op platform game, with nice music)
Dogs Of War (nice music and commando style game play)
Archon (very original board game with arcade play, and great stereo effects not done in other games)
Battle Chess (who would have thought chess could be interesting?)
Lotus Espirit Turbo Challenge (don't know which one, for me 2 or 3)
Powermonger (no better god game, bullfrog were supposed to make another one to be the perfect one, after populous and then this one, but what happened to that? I have heard mega lo mania is supposed to be good but not played it)
Arctic Fox (very very early 3d polygon game, maybe technically best 3d game on home computer at the time 1986)
Gauntlet II (was great hit on atari st, and I think the amiga version is at least as good if not identical)
Transplant (PD, so smooth 1 or 2 player asteroids-type game on steroids action)
Pinball Dreams (great smooth scrolling large pinball table, polished, not sure which version of this series is best)

For the universal list I missed:
The Settlers (not played it, but amiga original and everyone raves about it)
Civilization (not sure if it makes the grade, but seems to make many lists, and PC version is great, haven't played amiga version)

Some of the games up there are less common. I think you really have to play Knights and Inertia Drive to feel them, and the Knights version with intro music is better. Most ppl don't get dragons breath as spell system is too complex for them. Arctic Fox was great for its time, being so young I had no idea other computers of the time were technically incapable of producing such a game.

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